BBC's Watchdog: "Banks Still Denying Claims From Consumers"

Anne Robinson from BBC's Watchdog says, "Banks are denying customers compensation - and are turning down wholly legitimate claims by the thousands".

Fiona Phillips, also from Watchdog, commented "When judging PPI claims, they are not always right - in reality some banks appear strangely reluctant to part with their money despite all their promises to compensate". She continued, "Getting your money back can be remarkably difficult. The banks are failing spectacularly to put things right".

The Chief Ombudsman added that "Some banks even say that the customer never had PPI in the first place, but when we ask a few more questions we find that actually about a quarter of the customers did have PPI"

This Is Why You Should Use A Claim Company

The Financial Times Adviser has commented on why 100's of thousands of people use claim companies instead of going direct to the lender: "It all comes down to the fact that when customers had complaints they were often fobbed off or met with tactics designed to grind them into submission. Or they simply found the miss-selling claims procedure too complex to handle on their own."

Find Out If You Can Claim

Are you unsure if you are eligible to make a PPI claim? In most circumstances, your claims manager should be able to tell you if you are due a PPI refund.

How Much Are You Owed?

Your specialist claims manager can help you uncover how much you are owed as a refund, the interest you should receive and the compensation available from your PPI reclaim.


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